YIGF Internet Governance Forum Camp, Tokyo 2012

Youth Internet Governance Forum Camp,
Tokyo 2012

Date: 2012. 7. 17-19 (3-day-2-night)
Venue: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, Tokyo Japan
Quota: 25 - 40
Eligibility: Students in Tertiary Education with Good Command of English
Application Fee: Free of Charge
Accommodation: Provided for 17th and 18th nights

Introduction of YIGF
While you surf the Internet every day, have you ever thought about its possible impact and consequences to yourself or the society at large? For example, when you keep sharing photos and recent life on Facebook, are you aware of the online security problem and any potential privacy intrusion? When “google” has become a verb for information search, do you notice how much it change the way you learn? Indeed all these are part of the Internet governance discussion. In other words, it is a topic that is closely related to you as a youth and a frequent Internet user.

YIGF is a youth version of the United Nations IGF with a core vision of providing an open platform for discussion on Internet governance issues such as digital divide, copyright, cyber addiction, etc. The IGF adopt a multi-stakeholder approach for discussion, which emphasizes that consensus, is not the priority while listening and understanding the views of one another are the main focus. This ensures everyone is being heard no matter you have legitimate power or not.

Discussion Feature
Participants will be assigned to 3 different stakeholder groups for the discussion of different Internet governance topics. Participants are tasked to put themselves in others’ shoes to think in their respective stance. The stakeholders include ‘government’, ‘non-government organizations (NGOs) & business organizations’ and ‘youth, teachers and parents respectively. The purpose of role-playing is to encourage youth to think from a multi-stakeholder perspective and through debating the topics would seek possible solutions.

Benefits and Opportunities
Through the participation in the camp, you will learn the different social condition and Internet related issues around the Asia Pacific and other part of the world. You will also be able to meet some passionate youth working on Internet-related issues from Hong Kong. In addition, you are not limited to interact with your own peers but you will have the chance to meet and exchange your ideas with the world-renowned experts and local authorities.

Brief Agenda
Theme: The Impact of Social Media to Society

Day 1 - 17 July 2012 (Tuesday)

  • Welcome & Ice-Breaking
  • Introduction on Internet Governance
  • Internal Meetings (intra-group)

Day 2 – 18 July 2012 (Wednesday)

  • Joint-Opening with APrIGF
  • External Meetings (inter-group)

Day 3 – 19 July 2012 (Thursday)

HostSecretariatIn conjunction with APrIGF.Asia

How to Apply:
1) Download the application form;
2) Fill out the form
3) Submit the form to yigf@jaipa.or.jp

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